Shree Satyanarayan Vrat


Worshiping Lord shri shatyanarayan (shrivishnu) makes all your wishes come true!

One can find reference of lord shri satyanarayan in “Skanda Puran”. In this Puran, Lord Vishnu narrates importance of this Satyanarayan Vrat to Narad muni. The very popular and powerful vrat in “Kaliyug”  is said to be “satyanarayan Vrat”.

Procedure: This vrat consists of worshiping gods like:

  1. Satyanarayan(shri Vishnu) : Main god to be worshiped
  2. Navgraha including surya
  3. Ganpati/Lord Ganesh
  4. Gauri /parvati mata
  5. Varun Devata
  6. Dashadikpal
  7. Lokpan etc.

Initially, on Chaurang(4 leg small heighted Platform), spread rice /wheat grain at a centre. Place the kalash(water container) filled with water. Add durva(type of grass),panchapallav,supari(beatle),gold coin in that water container. Cover this Kalash with purnapatra(Dish). Place the idol of “satyanarayan(shri Vishnu)” / “Shaligram shila” / ”Bal Krishna”.

Then lord Satyanarayan  is worshiped in 16 different ways. Post that, 108 names of shri Vishnu are recited and the Idol of gopal Krishna is offered with 108 leaves of Tulsi. Vishnu Sahastara namawali (1000 names of Lord Vishnu )is also performed.

Naivedya(food offerings to god) : 1.25 kg semolina made up of Wheat or Rice and banana and sugaror jiggery and ghee are the ingredients of “shira” : the main Naivedya to be offered to Lord Satyanarayan.

Post completion of this pooja, the story of Lord Satyanarayan is read by Guruji. It is very important to listen to this Katha by the person performing this Vrat(pooja) as well as everyone else present at that Location.

Post that, The Yajman(person performing the vrat) offers Dakshina,Prasad to guruji  and then guruji declares the completion of pooja vidhi by giving blessings to Yajman & Family.

The Best time to perform this Vrat/pooja:

  • Full-Moon day of any month
  • Any Wednesday which is auspicious (we can find this through Panchang)
  • Whenever the person is suffering with some big hurdle
  • Any day of Shravan Month
  • To fulfill Specific Desire, if is recommended to perform the Satyanarayan Vrat on regular basis.

Benefits of Performing Satyanarayan Vrat(pooja)

  • Peace of mind at premises (house/office/Shop etc)
  • For getting desirable life partner at appropriate time and for better married life
  • Immediately after the birth of child in house
  • For good health, wealth and for better family and professional life

It is said that, the person, who performs this Vrat as per defined process, he/she gets all good things the human needs to live a joyful & peaceful life and post his/ her death, achieves “Moksha”(relief from cycle of life & death).


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