In ancient times there was tremendous importance for health and for the calm life by health and Adhyatmik, Adhibhautik and Adhidaivik shanti, though there may not be much money, the rishi has suggested the shanties at every stage of life. With this, there is a holy fire in home, the atmosphere is purified, and the bad evils are thrown out. Although we babble on scientific base for this, we must trust the transcendental power that rules entire world. Therefore, right from birth to death the rishis have suggested 16 rituals. In the ancient times, the Hindus were fire worshippers, so often they used to perform ‘Yadnya’ for fulfilling their wishes. Gradually it was reduced but still in some auspicious days, like wedding, house warming, rituals after death, the Yadnya was performed. It was included in sixteen rituals and had scientific base. 

  The uncertainty of life, calamities, unexpected trauma and extra surplus wealth caused the people becoming more religious. Even youngsters are standing in front of a temple for darshan for hours together. Similarly, the festivals and birthdays are celebrated as events.  Also, the auspicious birthdays like 60th, 75th and 80th are celebrated by doing ‘Shantiyadnya’. On this occasion the relatives who are migrated in other places for service, trade, business or education can assemble and getting reason to unite in community. And if it is for grandparents, then the excitement is doubled. Because our childhood is spent in the warmth of their love and nobody forgets his childhood. There are still such families who have morals, and religiously practise the path of religion where the teaching of respect and gratitude for elder people in house is nurtured. It is just unconditioned love which is exchanged. 

Therefore, children wish to reciprocate such love. and celebrate their birthdays, anniversary etc. When 67-70 long years, the old people have spent in giving shelter, love and support to the family, there is a reason to express the gratitude. So, all relatives are invited and a Yadnya is performed and gifts are given to the celebrity. There is also curiosity how they maintain their health for such long years.   With these sentiments when Maharashtrians in Canada celebrated 80th birthday of Lata Mangeshkar, it was a grand event of music.  In our religion when person attains 50th year there are shanties after every 5 years as they are bonus to life. Previously people used to live for hardly up to 60th year. Now life span is increased. So, at 55-Varuni shanti, at 60-Ugrarath shanti, at 65-Mrutyunjay shanti, at 70-Bhoumrathi shanti, at 75-Aindri shanti. It is believed that when a person attends 80th year he/she sees 1000 moons in their life. So, it is called as Sahastra Chandra Darshan Shanti. At 85- Roudri shanti, at 90-kaalswarup shanti, at 95- Tryambak mrutyunjay shanti and at 100th year-Tryambak mahamrutyuanjay shanti.

Sahastra Chandra Darshan day is counted as follows-

80X12=960+32 additional months (to adjust 365 days of years) =992. So, after completing 80 years in 81 the year the 1000th full moon day is counted, and it is celebrated.  The Moon eclipse is also considered. Another method is 79 yearsX12 +24 new moon + 28 additional months =1000. There is designated god also for the ritual. So, for Sahastra Chandra darshan the designated god is Moon i.e. Chandra and offering is Aajya which is sacrificed in fire i.e. havan and everybody prays for healthy and calm life of old.   

Why only Moon is taken into consideration? Why not Sun?  Because “चंद्रमा मनसो जात:” means The Moon affects our emotions. After 60 the person starts feeling deprived, alone and not useful to others. He gets nervous and suspects that people are avoiding him. Simultaneously the hypertension and diabetes attack him.    So, to let hm feel that, he is still most important for us, we perform such ceremony. Then 80 years is too much to tolerate. Even their children are also old, so it is the most essential thing that we must make them happy because they could manage to live for 80 long year. So, this 1000 Moon ceremony is important. We should celebrate for their happiness and feeling that they are still useful, wanted by us. At this age their partner also is left for heavenly abode. So, they really feel lonely. They are starving for love which they have given us. Just put hand on their forehead and see how they feel calm and quiet. So instead of aping others just do this event with this feeling and see how they are contended and smile and bless you.