“VedoShivah, ShivahVedo”

“VedoShivah, ShivahVedo” – Lord Shiva is Veda and Veda is Him. Lord Shiva is Veda personified. The pray and devote to him is the highest deed for persons born as humans.

Rudrabhishek is a very holy and one of the highest form of worship of Lord Shiva who is worshipped in different methods.Rudrashibhek method has been guided as part of Yayurveda and the puja has following aspects:

  • Performing Abhishek / Snan to Lord Shiva in the form of Shivaling with various pious objects such as water, milk, curd, honey etc.
  • Performing recitation of Sri Rudra mantra which is the greatest vedic verse on Lord Shiva along with specific puja vidhi/method

Sri Rudra is the center of Yajur Veda and the panchakshara (Om Nanamahshivaya) mantra is at the center of this mantra. This powerful mantra has been chanted for one crore time by Lord Krishna to please Lord Shiva.  Chanting Sri Rudra will bestow all benefits of this world to devotees and this is the central aspect of Rudrabhishek. Besides recitation of Sri Rudra, Rudrabhishek requires performance of Abhishek to Lord Shiva’s Shivaling form and is believed to give all prosperity to devotees who perform the same.

Water – For getting rainfall
Curd – For prosperity through Bungalow, Vehicles
Sugarcane juice and Ghee– Wealth
Water from Sacred rivers – Liberation
Scented Water – Removal of all diseases
Cold Water – Get rid of fever
Milk – Progeny/Child birth
Milk mixed with sugar – Intelligence
Mustard Oil –Defeat enemies

Abhishek with water is good enough to please Lord Shiva, and other dravyas can be used based on the wish/benefit.Depending on the number of times Sri Rudra is chanted, Rudrabhishek are classified as follows:

  • Rudrashtadhyayi – 8 times of chanting with Abhishek. This puja is glorified in various scriptures and will bestow chittasudhhi/cleanness of mind
  • Ekadashini – 11 times of chanting with Abhishek. This is one of the famous type of puja of Rudrabhishek
  • LaghuRudra – 11 times repeating of Ekashini
  • MahaRudra – 11 times repeating of LaghuRudra
  • AtiRudra – 11 times repating of MahaRudra (14641 times Sri Rudra recitation)

Performing any of these puja will remove all obstacles in one’s life and remove all sins. Devotees are bestowed with prosperity, wealth, health, and peace, with unchanging devotion to Lord Shiva. Please reachout to or call (+91) 95276 03351 : (+91) 9422-331450 for performing Rudrabhishek.


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