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If you want Horoscope, please fill in Date and Place of Birth. is formed on a vision to integrate many aspects of Vedic Culture and related information in one single umbrella. This website is specifically devoted to all the people who seek information and guidance on various aspects of Vedic Hindu Culture, Poojas, Prayaschits, Vrat, Homa/Hawan, and any other regional rituals/sacred activities or reference to any scriptures.

Everyone seeks prosperity, health, and peacefulness in their life. Our Vedic tradition gives a complete guidance and solution to the way of everyday living. Every activity in a person’s life is linked to divine and Vedic Shastra is providing guidance on all the activities of human being starting from child’s birth, education, marriage, heath, job/business etc. We will provide guidance in accordance with Shastra and provide bona-fide consultation in respect of any matters in life.

Jyotish is one of the anga(parts) of Veda, and it is important that the astrology is discussed and consulted with the pandit who has knowledge of Vedic Shastra.

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