Ganesh Yaag (Ganesh Puja)

Ganesh Yaag (Ganesh Puja)

Lord Ganesh is considered to be an auspicious God for every beginning and there are three main birth anniversary of him.
1> Vaishaki Full Moon. 2> Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi 3> Maagh Shukla Chaturthi

Ganesh Yaag is the Pooja of Lord Ganesh performed by Ganesh devotees on the auspicious days of Ganesh birth anniversary where in the devotees recite shlokas from Atharva Shirsha around 1000 times while doing Abhishek to Lord Ganesha.
Ganesh Yaag is performed in order to remove obstacles and problems faced by individual, to achieve success in exam, to gain knowledge and to fulfill ones desires.
Ganesh Yaag is performed by first installing navpeeth and main intention is confirmed.

Initially, Lord Ganesh is worshiped by performing punyahavachan, matrukapujan, aayshyamantrajap, nandishraddha, acharyadivaran, digrshkanam, panchagavyakaran, bhoomipujan and brhamadi vaastumandal is established. Sartobhdramandal with 57 Lords and Shektrapal mandal with 51 Lords is established.

After establishing the Ganeshbhadra mandal with 97 lords, Kalash (water bowl) is taken and picture of mahakali,mahasaraswati, yantra, kuldevta and along with silver idol of Lord Ganesha is established and is bathed with panchamrut (mixture of honey, milk, curd, sugar, ghee). The Idol is worshipped by reciting shlokas from atharva shirsha while doing Abhishek.

For a Flawless Havana, Ganesh shlokas are recited. After this, samidha, ghee, rice and sometimes sesame seeds are offered to Ganesha. Following herbs are offered to respective heavenly bodies.
Sun >> Cotton
Moon >> Palas
Mars >> Khair
Mercury >> Aghada
Jupiter >> Pimpal
Venus >> Umbar
Saturn >> Shami
Rahu >> Durva
Ketu >> Darbha

After this the main Havana starts. Generally umber of Guruji’s are in multiples of 4. The sacrificial fire is provided with handful of Lahi, Durva (Long Grass leaves), Single modak in one go. One recital of Arthava Shirsha is divided into 10 parts. In the end of each part, Swaha is said. Like this, after completion of each recital by every Guruji, 10 parts are completed. 1000 recitals are completed. Along with Lord Ganesh, Riddhi – Siddhi and Mushak (Mouse)is also worshipped. After this prayachhit havan is complete.

Initially, After Ganesh Havan, navgraha (9 planets) are worshipped in 8-4-2-1 mode. After that, 100 recitals are done. Afterwards, established gods, yantra gods are worshipped. Midicinal herbs, sasarpa home, Lakshmi home are offered to the Gods. Fire is also offered with respective things. Balipoojan is done for all directions. After that, shetrapal poojan is done and purnahuti is offered.
In the sacrificial fire, udit daal and rice is offered. Shetrapal means, protector of the place.
The bali/sacrifice is offered for the family of the person performing the Pooja, on a square road or outside the house compound. The person carrying the bali should not look back after keeping the bali at the respective place.

After that, bath is taken and pooja starts again. The sacrificial fire is provided with the remaining ghee, bhasmadharan, sanstravprashan is done. The host is provided with fruits as accomplishment of pooja. Ashirvad mantra is recited. After accepting the fruits, hosts give it to his wife. Afterwards, lunch is served to all guests.
Offerings are given to Guruji: Guruji is offered with other valuables as per the wish of the hosts.

Lord Ganesha is offered with fruits and other eatables and everyone apologizes for any mistakes committed unknowingly during the Yaag. At last, Ganesh Stuti shokla is recited and Yaag completes.

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