Vedic Astrology helps in the study of destiny of individuals through astrological charts. Doshas or unfavorable position of the planets in the charts occurs owing to past life actions. When malefic planets like Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu are positioned in certain houses of the chart, they result in doshas. Mars and Sun too are responsible for doshas.

However there are different types of doshas in Vedic Astrology:
Manglik dosha – unfavorable placement of Mars in a chart
Kalasarp dosha– unfavorable placement of Rahu and Ketu
Shrapit dosha– unfavorable placement of Saturn and Rahu
Nadi dosha– when two persons of similar nadi get married
Pitra dosha– unfavorable placement of Sun, Moon, Rahu and Saturn
Karthik Janm dosha– Weak Sun causes this condition.

These doshas generally affect individuals based on their birth chart (kundli) and the current planetary positions. By performing simple prayashchit, the ill effects of doshas can be overcome, and can bring peace and progress in one’s life.

Please reach out to consult and perform prayaschit on these doshas.

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