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Shri Khadke Guruji is an expert in the field of performing Hindu rituals and has experience of over two decades.

NRI Puja Services

These Pujas are performed in an auspicious temple premise in Pune, with learned Vedic Pandits, and Brahmins. These Pujas are accompanied by a Rudrabhishek to Sri Somnath Bhagavan

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Online Puja Services

Gurujipune.com offers helping hindus across globle to perform any kind of Pujas, Yagnas, on their behalf with their name and gotra being taken as Sankalp.Some of the Pujas can be arranged online, and Prasad can be sent across.

|| ॐ || Om Namah Shivay ||

‘Yato Dharma Stato jay’ where there is religion there is victory always.
So the number of righteous conduct peoples is increasing day by day. Similarly, a new generation is also attracted to worship and astrology. Also, Curiosity about various religious things are increasing. And that’s right. Hinduism has accepted curiosity with a great conscience. In the past, there are many examples of kulpati and Kulpurohit who guided peoples to go religious way.

In the recent times, in the metro cities, the classical guidance of the guruji is diminishing. Grabbing this thread, Vedamurti in Pune, Mr. Kishore Shastri Khadke Guruji has developed www.gurujipune.com for scientific and thorough informational site. The main reason to develop this portal is to good priestly should go to a society, they should do satisfactory work for host, and that will increase the religious spirit of the society.  By this way we are giving efforts to make capable and cultured society.

Vedamurti Shri Kishore Khadke Guruji studied Vedas in the ancient city Shri Kshetra Alandi, in the ‘Adhyatmik Pratishtan’ institute under the guidance of Shri Vishwanath Shastri Joshi Guruji.

Shri Gurji of Vedanta-rich Mahamahopadhyay Param Pujya Shri Yagneshwar Shastri Kasture is Graciously in the great tradition of Brahmachaitanya Gondwalekar Maharaj and Shri Khadke guruji is Graciously to Shri Kasture guruji.

Till date, many families of various countries have been connected to Shri Khadke Guruji through their precious guidance. NRI Indians from many countries are visiting and many are taking guidance online. Many have praised it too.

We believe that the need of Guruji’s in large cities like Pune to perform various rituals, Rudra Abhishek, House warming, Vastu Shanthi, grahyadnya (planetary wisdom), marriage, Upanayana, Navchandi, Shraddha etc. will be fulfilled by this website.

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Survepee Sukhin: Santu,
Survey Santu Niramayah
Surve bhadrani paschyantu
ma kaschit dukh bhag bhavet
Om Shanti.