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Online Guidance Based on Horoscope from Expert Guruji over a phone call

Horoscope is a support of life ( Jyotish jeevan ka aadhar )

Hello! Even after enough of efforts of moving towards our dreams in life, we don’t get expected benefits. We don’t succeed. The reason behind is the need of support of right situation and fortune to compliment our efforts. If that support is not there, our efforts turn meaningless. That’s the reason why our sages have developed deep scientific evidence based horoscope for building up our understanding of right situation and planets in horoscope. That’s how they say – horoscope is support of life.

We in depth study astrological aspects of your horoscope. It examines closely the scientific aspects of grace of moon Chandrabal, grace of Guru Gurubal, Saturn’s grace ( shani krupa ), Mars’s grace ( mangal krupa) and so on. It analyzes the impact of these factors on the events of your life. By the grace of God, we guide you about how to calm the adversely affecting planets in horoscope, how to adapt to the situation, how to take the path to attainment, add faith and spirit to the effort, and how to increase spiritual strength. It has been receiving spontaneous response from people belonging all walks of life. The clients who utilize our services endorse that our guidance has achieved expected results for them.

We provide this online service from Pune to all over the world through phone calls. However, it involves real human interaction, connection and intention of good for you. We have chosen to use the online medium only to overcome the distance limitations.*

We also prepare horoscope predicting detailed future judgement of yours and we send it through courier wherever you want. To know more details of our way of working, service and honorarium involved, you can contact directly to us on given contact number.

Our methodology

  • You send us your name, date of birth, time of birth (AM / PM), place of birth etc. on Whatsapp number (number: 9527603351).
  • Then we will study your horoscope and inform you a time slot to have a phone call with us. Then on decided time, we will have a conversation with you and guide you.

About honorarium (Dakshina or Service charges)

  • We charge only Rs. 351 / - (Rupees Three Hundred Only) per horoscope. We accepts payments through Google Pay, Phone Pay, PayTM.
  • Whether you are in any country, state, city, you can avail our service.
  • For overseas aspirants we give time as per relevant country time.

To know your horoscope predictions, do contact us and destroy the challenges in your path to success.

Contact for more information

Mr. Kishore Khadke Guruji Pune Mobile / WhatsApp

95276 03351

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